Friday, 12 August 2011

The 和

My mum who has been doing dressed them up with KIMONO for this special occasion
how wonderful this job is,,,

Saturday, 23 July 2011

my hair colour changed,,,

used new colour on after three times bleach my hair.
I do look like I am insects!
the hair colour is so amazingly transloosent beautiful.
玉虫色 chu^^


いち早く、海の匂いと日差しを浴びに水着 ON ビーチクルーザーでローカル気分を味わいながら 向かいました。



Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Thank you for waiting and supporting us.
We will be back to Melbourne 28th of August.
We will set up our schedule from29th for your appointment.
I will bring a helper to be able to work long hour from Japan this time.
It means our customer can make a appointment expandable and more flexible.
Please contact us if you are happy for your hair done.
We will be up  what we are doing in japan on this site soon.
I have done lots of new hairdressing stuff in Tokyo.
I am also going to  get more head spa massage skill and will be able to focus on your scalp problem.

Thank you

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

holiday to JAPAN

Dear customer
I am going to Japan for a couple of hairdressing seminar in Tokyo.
which is I normaly take a time to do it once a year and kind of up dating whats going on at there because I believe that Japanese hairdressing skill is always fantastic developed and being improvement.
I always learn newest style even fashion music,make-up each year.
Therefore I bring back those knowledge over to Melbourne.
I will take a time this from 20th June for 2month.
for making next appointment or any inquirely
please send me email

I will assure that you will satisfied and enjoy my next hairdressing for you.

Thank you


Friday, 11 March 2011

my favorites place in March

MONK BODHI DHARMA         vegan cafe but not bad as other vegan cafe,,, =BARACLAVA
if you concerned your diet just try and have tower of avocado mashed on sourdough!It will kill me!!
I love avocados,,,

French Fantasies          french bakerly  =TOORAK
This is my best place  for real croissant  ever ever I had. trust me 
why not its nice butterly but not greasy and still crusty YAM

Bella Vedere             =Yarra Valley
I found it!I had been unsure where's good place for lunch after tipsy with sipping tasteing wine.
This is great place.I dont like commercial point with pricy and one bite plates so do I.
I like to see the opened kitchen inside and get excited!
If you want to try something hideout place and cosy with awesome food in winery.

GRIGONS & ORR  =north melourne
of course you know this one.
I believe that this is the best cafe in north melbourne.
I usually do grab take away hot soy latte at Auctions room and walk up to here and have fine lunch yeah!

GREEN STORE          eco shop   =fairfield      
I have not seen those goods what they sell in my area.
They select the newest eco unique stuff.
I will get some charcoal for my room and car.oh maybe put one of them in kids room too.
also eco backpack you know this?you should check this out amazing light compact ever seen before.
everyone know those arm hanging or shoulder eco shopping bag but this is new style.
I think its good to carry out when you go for a ride!


Thursday, 3 March 2011

hair model inquire

I will attend workshop for our  new products and need models for each classes.
If you are interested to be my hair model and could be great deal for both of us.
Please let me know if you or your friends can make it.

SCLUPLES products is one of famous,large and new hairdressing supplier from here.
I've been very happy with them and always curiousty what they produce next.
I should involve our clients and make them happy ever.

now you have few spots left below,,,
・21/3 monday 10am-1pm Hair straight  at Chelteham  +1model

・16/5 monday 9am-4pm creative foiling colour +1model

・23/5 monday 9am-4pm creative colouring +1model

also  I will be able to give you maintenance for your hair if you are not comfoterble with it after work shop.

any more questions,,0433198510 or   MAKO